TINTIN trial shows “impressive” results at six months


The six-month results of TINTIN (Treatment with the lumINor DCB and The IVolutioN self-expanding stent) trial have been revealed at the annual meeting of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE 2019; 7–11 September, Barcelona, Spain) by Koen Deloose.

TINTIN is a physician-initiated trial investigating the safety and efficacy of the treatment with the Luminor DCB and iVolution self-expanding stent (both iVascular), in TASC C and D femoropopliteal lesions.

Both iVolution and Luminor present excellent outcomes in TASC A & B lesions, but it is clear, out of the literature, that neither BMS nor DCB alone are winners in long, complex lesions and on the longer run. The combination of both is the key to success in these situations.

TINTIN trial outcomes:

  • Primary patency of 96.5%
  • Freedom from TLR of 98.9%

At the end of the presentation Deloose concluded that “The Belgian TINTIN trial shows impressive 6 months results in lesions of 24 cm”.


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