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phillips lumiguide

Philips announces LumiGuide 3D imaging technology availability in Europe and USA

Phillips' LumiGuide ‘human GPS’ technology is now available to specialised hospitals in Europe and the USA. LumiGuide uses light reflected along an optical fibre...


paediatric IR

Paediatric interventional radiologists call for intended-for-use device development

Lagging behind the rapid advancements within the speciality as a whole, a 2023 study titled ‘Is there really no kit for kids?’ has identified...

You can’t always get what you want, but you may get...

Over several decades, interventional radiology (IR) has scaled to significant heights, leading technological advancements and minimally-invasive techniques. As these milestones have been reached, however,...


NOTE: This video is ONLY available to watch in selected countries and geographies  Consultant interventional radiologist, Andrew Wigham (Oxford, UK) examines his experience with the Lightning computer-assisted vacuum thrombectomy (CAVT; Penumbra), discussing how its technological advancements have broadened eligibility....
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Farah Gillan Irani

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Theresa Caridi


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