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Cook Medical announces successful resolution of 2014 FDA warning letter

Cook Medical has announced that it received a close-out letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) resolving a 2014 warning letter for...



The IR residency necessity

With the graduation of the first ever interventional radiology residents from a US university, Wael Saad and Minhaj Khaja discuss the importance of having a...

Top trends in ablation in 2018

Roberto Iezzi provides an overview of ablative therapies, and what interventional radiologists can expect from ablation procedures in the near future. Amongst the emerging...


This content is for distribution within USA only. The Direxion™ Microcatheter, with its unique shaft design, offers you unrivaled torqueability for improved maneuverability. Further enhancing your ability to access challenging treatment sites are a variety of tip shapes that allow...

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