Innovation from interventional inventors

Persistence, persistence, persistence: Lessons in device innovation from three prolific inventors

Timothy Clark, director of Interventional Radiology at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Philadelphia, USA and co-founder and chief executive officer of Forge Medical, which has...

From SYMPLICITY HTN-1 to SPYRAL HTN-OFF MED: The story of renal denervation

It is now almost a decade since the first patient underwent catheter-based renal denervation as a participant in a safety and proof-of concept study...

Y-90 experience in HCC crosses 1,000-patient milestone

“We are most enthusiastic about the use of radioembolization to treat patients with early stage Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) A disease. The long time...

Same day Y-90 treatment could become paradigm of the future

While further refining where radioembolization should optimally lie in current treatment paradigms for the most common liver-confined or liver-dominant cancers is important, a honing...

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Andrew Holden

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