Potential synergies of immuno-oncology with interventional oncology

The questions of if, how and when to combine interventional oncological procedures with systemic immunotherapy are on the tip of everyone’s tongue, from multidisciplinary tumour boards...

Virtual reality enters the IR suite

Whether you are chasing Pikachu in the park or planning an IR procedure, virtual reality is increasingly "part of life" and has huge opportunities...
Cluster of two well-preserved tumour cells obtained by left hypogastric artery sampling

Selective liquid biopsy yields promising results

Laboratory techniques that make genetic profiling and mutation monitoring of tumours more readily accessible than by direct tissue biopsy have recently been introduced. These...
Roberto Iezzi

Future directions for ablation in interventional oncology

The notion of locally destroying a cancer percutaneously with minimal morbidity and mortality has become accepted as part of the modern armamentarium for treating...

Stephen B Solomon

Robert Morgan

Andrew Holden

Andrew Holden

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