Interventional radiology on the frontlines in 2021: Rising to the challenges ahead

Following the rapid reconfiguration of healthcare practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Narayan Karunanithy reflects on the position of interventional...

“A whole new world for IR”: How ablation is transforming cancer care

Speaking during a livestreamed session dedicated to state-of-the-art liver therapy hosted by the Symposium on Clinical Interventional Oncology (CIO) on Tuesday 6 October, Raul...

Radioembolization with Y-90 now “a versatile treatment option” for HCC patients of all stages

As presented at the Global Embolization Oncology Symposium Technologies (GEST) 2020 meeting (4–6 September, virtual), Robert Lewandowski discusses the evolution of radioembolization with Yttrium-90...

Combination of immuno-oncology and liver-directed therapy: Where do we stand?

Ushering in “the era of IO”, Brad Wood calls for interventional oncologists to learn the language of immuno-oncology—“the other IO”—in order to improve care...

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Matthew Callstrom


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