Paclitaxel-releasing devices: An unfolding story

Paclitaxel Timeline: Meta-analysis finds a higher risk of death in the long term when paclitaxel-coated devices are used in the leg Without additional long-term...

Depression and peripheral arterial disease: A call to action

With “an indisputable association between depression and peripheral arterial disease (PAD)”—nearly a third of PAD patients experience comorbid depression or depressive symptoms—Joel Ramirez and...

Success of stereotactic radiofrequency ablation in larger tumours “challenges resection as first-line treatment”

According to recent research from Reto Bale and colleagues, multi-probe stereotactic radiofrequency ablation with intraprocedural image fusion represents an efficient invasive therapy for hepatocellular...

Gastric embolization unfit as standalone obesity treatment

Determining the potential role of interventional radiologists in obesity treatment is increasingly important, as the global number of obese patients has long since swollen...

Laura Findeiss

Gerard Goh

Stephen B Solomon

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