Top trends in ablation in 2018

Roberto Iezzi provides an overview of ablative therapies, and what interventional radiologists can expect from ablation procedures in the near future. Amongst the emerging...
Barry Katzen

Move to less invasive medicine is “one of the greatest shifts in medical history”

“Innovation has driven my life in interventional radiology—and what a ride it has been,” said Barry Katzen, founder and chief medical executive of Miami...

Preconceived notions, alternative facts and fake news: How we decide what works in medicine

“In this era, it is common for people not to accept basic scientific data. This has now permeated society so much that people feel empowered...

Deficiencies in operator behaviour: Premature atypical malignancies in high-volume operators

In this article, Bijan Modarai outlines recent research on the effects on radiation exposure in high-volume interventionists, why a future with alternative modalities to X-ray guided...

Stephen B Solomon

Robert Morgan

Andrew Holden

Andrew Holden

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