Non-surgical treatment found to provide long-term relief for carpal tunnel syndrome

A minimally invasive treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome provides complete and long-term relief to patients without the use of corticosteroids, according to research presented...
BodyTom 64

Neurologica announces US FDA 510(k) clearance of BodyTom 64

Neurologica, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has announced that its head-to-toe trauma imaging solution—the BodyTom 64 point-of-care mobile computed tomography (CT) scanner—has received 510(k) clearance...

For some small kidney cancers, freezing is more effective than heat treatment

For patients with early-stage renal cell carcinomas (RCCs) that measure between 3 and 4cm, cryoablation yields a lower risk of cancer-related death compared to...

Swiss parliament votes to accept US FDA-approved medical devices

The Swiss Federal Assembly has voted in favour of accepting medical devices with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) marketing authorisation in Switzerland. A motion...

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