Sirtex Medical announces strategic investment in BlackSwan Vascular


Sirtex Medical (Sirtex) has announced a strategic investment in BlackSwan Vascular (BlackSwan), a private company developing therapies in endovascular embolization. The investment provides resources for further development of BlackSwan Lava, a liquid embolic system specifically tailored for peripheral vascular target indications.

According to Sirtex, Lava has the potential to be the first liquid embolic for peripheral vascular applications to receive approval in the USA. Its key differentiators, which include optimised radiopacity, availability in two viscosities, reduced preparation time and controlled delivery, can enable treatment of a wide array of peripheral vascular diseases, a press release reads.

“Our investment in BlackSwan marks an important step in Sirtex’s commitment to expand product offerings to the endovascular field and to interventionalists addressing unmet medical needs,” said Mark A Turco, global chief medical officer and executive vice president, research and development of Sirtex. “We look forward to partnering with BlackSwan on its clinical journey and future opportunities to innovate patient care worldwide.”

Under the collaboration, Sirtex made a significant equity investment in exchange for preferred shares in BlackSwan as well as an option to purchase the remaining shares of the company at an agreed price. In addition, Sirtex will appoint an observer member to the Board of Directors.

“We strive to provide the interventional community with the tools they need that drive safe, effective and value-based treatments,” said Suresh Pai, CEO of BlackSwan. “We are excited to partner with Sirtex, a leader in targeted oncology, as an investor and collaborator as we advance our clinical programme and bring much-needed therapy options to patients.”


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