Cordis makes strategic investment in E2, a developer of next-generation thrombectomy devices


Cordis has announced a strategic investment venture that will expand the scope of the global cardiovascular technology company into the venous thromboembolism (VTE) market with a strategic investment in Endovascular Engineering (E2), a developer of next-generation thrombectomy devices to treat patients with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE)

“Our investment in E2 positions Cordis at the vanguard of innovation in venous interventions,” said Duke Rohlen, executive chairman of Cordis and CEO of Cordis-X, an independent accelerator created to drive innovation and growth for Cordis. “We are proud to support the team’s efforts to define a new standard of care for patients suffering from thromboembolism.”

Cordis is partnering with Santé Ventures and another strategic investor in the E2 transaction, a press release reports.

According to Cordis CEO Shar Matin, “Our investment in E2 meets all the criteria in our strategy to fuel differentiated technology development, expanding our portfolio with innovative and clinically compelling solutions that respond to unmet needs in cardiovascular health. Growing our venous offerings expands our capacity to improve outcomes and deliver better quality of life to more patients around the world.”

“Our new business model leverages the robust global corporate infrastructure and sales capacity of Cordis, and the speed, creativity, and agility of the Cordis-X growth engine,” Matin continued. “DVT and PE affect patients young and old. The investment in E2 supports Cordis’ legacy as a leader in creating lifesaving cardiovascular technologies.”

E2, based in Menlo Park, USA, was founded in 2019 to focus on development of advanced mechanical thrombectomy solutions. CEO Mike Rosenthal said, “The E2 team is thrilled to welcome Cordis and our other investment partners as we join together to help us further the pursuit of developing healthcare solutions that matter. We share a pioneering spirit dedicated to serving patients and physicians in the underserved peripheral indications.”


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