Surefire Medical launches Mt infusion system for small vessel interventional procedures


Surefire Medical announced the launch of a new, enhanced infusion system—the Surefire Infusion System mT—designed to treat vessels as small as 2mm to 3.5mm in interventional direct-to-target embolization procedures.  

The Mt incorporates Surefire’s new low profile and expandable tip technology for maximum dose delivery without reflux. The device is designed for super-selective embolization, a press release from the company says.

“The new Mt gives interventional radiologists greater ability to maximise targeted delivery in a wider range of patient candidates by enabling infusion into vessels as small as 2mm” said Ryan Majoria, chief of Interventional Radiology and Interventional Oncology at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Baton Rouge, USA. “In a recent case, there was no way I could have delivered any dose safely without the Mt because it was a small vessel with slow flow in a very high risk territory.”


Enhancements to the newly designed Mt infusion system catheter tip include:

  •  Improved trackability
  •   Smooth catheter inner liner for consistent dose delivery
  •  Thinner and more streamlined design for improved deployment and retraction
  • Optimised shape memory of the Surefire expandable tip for reliable infusion even in very tortuous anatomy
  • Sufficient antegrade flow maintained in vessels as small as 2mm.