Establishing the evidence base for SIRT in Interventional Oncology


Multidisciplinary oncology thought leaders discuss the personalisation of SIRT, new and recent evidence for the minimally invasive procedure over sorafenib in advanced HCC, the surgical aspects of SIRT for mCRC and HCC, patient selection, promising results in neuroendocrine tumour treatment and advances in techniques in this educational supplement, sponsored by Sirtex.

In this supplement:

  • Personalisation of SIRT is the next step
  • New evidence supporting SIRT over sorafenib in advanced HCC
  • More evidence to come for patients with advanced HCC
  • Surgical aspects of SIRT for mCRC and HCC
  • Could careful patient selection increase earlier use of SIRT in mCRC?
  • Promising results for SIRT in neuroendocrine tumour treatment
  • Advances in techniques to deliver SIR-Spheres

This educational supplement has been sponsored by Sirtex.


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