Sirtex Medical launches SIROS system for SIR-Spheres resin microspheres delivery


SIROSA new system designed to deliver Yttrium-90 (Y-90) resin microspheres during targeted liver cancer therapies, SIROS (Sirtex) has launched commercially.

A company press release states: “SIROS offers a visual, intuitive and versatile option for interventional radiologists to deliver SIR-Spheres to patients with liver cancer. With the system’s visually-controlled administration, physicians can determine and adjust the precise quantity and speed of SIR-Spheres microspheres delivery. Additionally, the system is designed to be simple to use yet versatile enough to allow expanded options for patient-tailored delivery.”

SIROS’ design features a peel-and-place tubing set, a proprietary needleless D-Vial specifically designed to suspend SIR-Spheres into a vortex that may allow for a more even distribution, and a locking cover to safely secure the microspheres during delivery. A three-step setup provides quick and simple administration and disposal.

“SIROS brings world-class expertise and innovation together to provide interventional radiologists with the support and technology they need to treat patients with liver cancer,” says Kevin R Smith, chief executive officer of Sirtex.


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