Siemens MRI system receives FDA clearance

Magnetom Spectra system
Magnetom Spectra system

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given clearance to Siemens for its Magnetom Spectra 3 Tesla MRI system. 

“Siemens Healthcare is proud to offer the Magnetom Spectra MRI system, which opens the door to 3T imaging technology for a wider range of health care facilities than ever before,” said Ioannis Panagiotelis, vice president of MR, Siemens Healthcare. “The Magnetom Spectra delivers crisp, high-resolution images that provide the key to a new level of usability and diagnostic confidence for physicians.”


The Magnetom Spectra system employs Tim (Total imaging matrix) 4G technology. This modern array structure allows for high spatial and temporal resolution. Until now, images of similar quality could be produced only by high-end 3T systems, which require a higher investment. The Magnetom Spectra enables private radiology practices, imaging centres and clinics to benefit from high imaging quality for their clinical routine.

The system also consumes less energy than other 3T scanners. Furthermore, the magnet-cooling helium is contained in a closed loop, preventing the gas from escaping and reducing the need for costly refills.