SeQure® microcatheter could help to make embolisation more secure


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Geert Maleux (Leuven, Belgium), one of the first users of the SeQure® reflux control microcatheter (Guerbet) in Europe, shares his experience with the new device. He tells BLearning IR that the current challenges of embolotherapy include incomplete devascularisation, which can occur in some cases of liver chemoembolisation procedures, as well as non-target embolisation.

Maleux shares that he was drawn to using the SeQure® microcatheter because it is a novel device that is designed to help reduce the risk of non-target embolization. “[.] I have also the impression that we can deliver more microparticles into the targeted areas, for instance in cases of liver chemoembolization, into the tumour,” he adds.

Guerbet sponsored this video and its distribution in association with Interventional News.


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