New trial investigating combination therapy of radioembolization and immunotherapy in HCC patients launches

Beau Toskich (L) and Aiwu Ruth He

The Society of Interventional Oncology (SIO) and Boston Scientific have announced a new multicentre, prospective, randomised trial to study combination therapy of radioembolization and immunotherapy in early and intermediate hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients not eligible for curative treatments: ROWAN.

Led by investigators Beau Toskich (Mayo Clinic Florida, USA) and Aiwu Ruth He (Georgetown University Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA), ROWAN will evaluate the safety and efficacy of TheraSphere Y-90 glass microspheres (Boston Scientific) administered before initiation of durvalumab with tremelimumab compared to treatment of TheraSPhere alone. The study will assess local tumour control, progression-free survival, and the effect of TheraSphere radiation dosimetry on immune response.

Patient enrollment will begin later this year.


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