Reliability, ease-of-use and availability have made Skater™ drainage catheters a go-to product


This advertorial is sponsored by Argon Medical Devices.

Placing a drain is an important, quotidian, “bread and butter” procedure that often has a tremendous impact on patients’ lives. “A drain is a drain until it is not,” says Sean Calhoun, who outlines the benefits of the Skater all-purpose, nephrostomy and biliary drainage catheters (Argon Medical Devices). He hones in on their anti-kinking and locking mechanisms, ease of insertion and transition and compatibility with both alcohol
and doxycycline. Calhoun also shares his excitement about the recent commercial launch of the Skater mini-loop drainage catheters in the USA and the European Union,telling Interventional News: “I am hopeful that this will eliminate the problem of losing access to the abscess cavity by having the catheter track smoothly through the wall and into a small cavity. It is also going to be very helpful for external biliary drains.”


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