Philips launches on-demand ultrasound service in the UK



Philips has announced the launch of Ultrasound on Demand in the UK, an on-demand ultrasound solution which will go live on 1 June 2015.

Philips says that the service provides clinicians with access to the “best technology at an affordable monthly fee, offering extensive functionality and the assurance that it can meet the ever changing needs placed on busy hospital departments”. Designed to offer clinicians a range of ultrasound packages that are charged for when used, it means that clinicians can personalise the service that they need now and in years to come as demand and patient throughput changes.

Given its flexibility, with more than 50 options, Ultrasound on Demand will also enable clinicians to access a host of advanced facilities such as 3D Transesophageal Echo, where previously they were limited by the restrictions of necessary upfront investment costs.

Ultrasound on Demand’s approach gives clinicians the ability to explore new options and “future-proof” their services, letting them upgrade and alter their systems without locking in capital expenditure budgets as additional functionality is only charged when used. Philips says that this flexibility removes obstacles to more advanced and specialised treatments and may also encourage clinicians “to push clinical barriers further”.

“We see Ultrasound on Demand as a significant innovation,” said Katie Taylor, group director of Imaging & Cardiology at BMI Healthcare. “It provides the opportunity to test clinical applications that a site may not have used before such as elastography, using advanced software, or abdominal scanning using 3D Xmatrix software. It will help us move beyond the conventional use of our systems and consider how, with this wider range of tools, we can increasingly provide specialist services to our patients and grow our expertise.”

Ultrasound on Demand has been tested and modelled to establish the a wide scope and range of work. It is designed with patients and clinicians in mind by providing a system that can be easily altered, and supports clinician’s decisions with visualisation tools such as usage and tracking data.

Philips will be offering Ultrasound on Demand system nationally, and hopes to present its findings later in 2015.