Penumbra to launch POD embolization anchoring device


Penumbra has announced that its newest vascular embolization device, POD, will debut at the Society of Interventional Radiology’s annual scientific meetingin 2015 in Atlanta, USA.

In addition, the results of two clinical trials featuring Penumbra technology will be presented: the Aneurysm Coiling Efficiency (ACE) study analysing the benefit of high packing density on the long-term outcome of peripheral embolization with the Ruby coil, and multicentre results of the acute limb ischaemia revascularisation study (PRISM) utilising the Indigo thromboembolectomy system.

POD (peripheral occlusion device) is a vessel occlusion tool for vascular embolization. A press release from the company says that POD’s proprietary anchor technology enables precise placement of the device at the target location. POD quickly transitions to a soft packing segment to create a stable dense occlusion. Once the desired positioning is achieved, accurate, instant detachment ensures physician control. POD is designed to be delivered through a high-flow microcatheter, permitting the physician to mechanically occlude distal vessels, the release adds.

“POD is a significant advancement for vascular embolization,” said Adam Elsesser, chairman and chief executive officer of Penumbra. “Its unique design enables POD to anchor to the vessel wall, enabling interventionalists to increase accuracy and packing density during embolization procedures. Increased packing density helps ensure more effective embolization.”

Podium and panel presentations at the SIR annual meeting

Penumbra CEO Adam Elsesser is featured on the plenary session panel, “Innovation, Macroeconomics, and the Future of Minimally Invasive Therapies,”on Sunday, 1 March at 10.30 am.

Corey Teigen, Sanford Health Fargo, North Dakota, will present data on the Ruby coil from the ACE trial. “Experience using large volume detachable coils in the peripheral vasculature: Preliminary results from the ACE multicentre study” will be presented on Sunday, 1 March at 1:27pm·

James Benenati, Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute in Miami, Florida, will present data on Indigo system from the PRISM trial. “Revascularization of acute ischaemia and thromboembolic complications in below-the-knee and visceral arterial circulation using a novel mechanical thrombo-aspiration device: Initial findings of the PRISM multicentre study” will be presented Monday, 2 March 2 at 1:09 pm

Company-sponsored events

Penumbra will also host education sessions (Booth #739) where physicians can join in discussions with experienced users, participate in hands-on workshops, and deploy the POD, Ruby, and Indigo in simulated models.

Penumbra will host a dinner symposium, “The Secret to Innovation in Today’s Healthcare Environment – Penumbra’s Embolization and Thrombectomy Technology in the Periphery,” on Tuesday, March 3 at the Omni Hotel. The symposium will include a panel discussion moderated by James B Benenati, Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute in Miami, USA and featuring Ziv Haskal, University of Virginia Health System and Rahul Patel, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, USA.