Penumbra announces US commercial availability of Indigo system Lightning 7

Indigo system Lightning 7

Penumbra today announced US commercial availability of the Indigo system Lightning 7. Lightning 7 expands Penumbra’s offering of the Indigo aspiration system with Intelligent Aspiration for mechanical thrombectomy and is designed for single session arterial thrombus removal.

Offering a new option for physicians to address arterial thrombus removal, the Indigo system Lightning 7 combines the new Indigo system CAT7 aspiration catheter with Lightning Intelligent Aspiration powered by Penumbra Engine. CAT7 is a high power, low profile catheter that features laser-cut hypotube technology and circumferential sweep designed for dependable delivery and maximised clot extraction.

The Indigo system’s proprietary Separator technology is also available with Lightning 7 (Separator 7) and is designed to enable unobstructed aspiration for the duration of the procedure. Lightning Intelligent Aspiration features Penumbra’s proprietary clot detection technology that enables the operator to identify thrombus location and is also designed for blood loss reduction.

“My experience with Lightning 7 suggests that it streamlines clot removal in the peripheral arterial vasculature with low profile access, excellent trackability, and similar power to the CAT8 Penumbra catheter that was previously used for this application. The torquability makes vessel navigation much easier,” said Christopher Metzger (Holston Valley Medical Center, Kingsport, USA). “Penumbra continues to forge ahead with yet another game-changing technology that has the potential to increase single-session thrombus removal and thereby may help improve outcomes.”


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