Microbot Medical’s Liberty robotic system remote controller receives design patent allowance in Japan


microbot libertyMicrobot Medical has announced that Japan is the most recent global jurisdiction to recognise the unique interface design of the Liberty robotic system’s remote controller. The design patent, which was issued by the Japan Patent Office (JPO), complements similar design patent allowances in the USA and Europe, further strengthening the company’s global intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

“We believe the ability to perform an endovascular procedure remotely, while reducing radiation exposure and the physical strain due to wearing a lead vest for an extensive period of time, is a major benefit to the physician and patients,” commented Eyal Morag, the company’s chief medical officer. “By eliminating these issues, it allows the healthcare provider to better focus on delivering the best patient care to achieve better outcomes.”

During the recent animal study, as well as other physician-sponsored lab sessions in Europe and the Americas, when using the Liberty robotic system, physicians were given the option to use the remote-controlled activation from the safety and convenience of the interventional suite control room.

“The research and development team spent a considerable amount of time designing the remote controller for the Liberty robotic system and the recognition by Japan, along with other jurisdictions, proves that the design is unique and innovative,” commented Simon Sharon, general manager and chief technology officer at Microbot Medical. “We developed a controller that is ergonomic, and we believe is ready to meet the demands of the interventional radiologist community, aimed to allow users to perform procedures, safely and away from the radiation source.”


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