Merit and Sumitomo Bakelite sign distribution deal for steerable microcatheter


Merit has announced that it has signed an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement (excluding Japan) with Sumitomo Bakelite to distribute a steerable microcatheter under the proposed trademark of Swiftninja.

The device, which currently bears the CE mark, is used during intravascular procedures to deliver various therapeutic and diagnostic agents, such as embolic materials, coils and contrast media in the peripheral vasculature.

The patented device has unique and distinguishing features designed to facilitate super selective vessel access. The unique ability for the physician to steer the catheter and lock it in a desired position is designed to allow for finite intravascular navigation of the catheter and super selection of vessels in small and tortuous anatomy while maintaining catheter placement.


“This premium product had an exciting reception at the CIRSE meeting recently held in Lisbon, Portugal,” said Fred P Lampropoulos, chairman and CEO of Merit.  “We expect to launch the product in Europe over the next few months as we prepare our filing for [US]FDA consideration.”