Magellan 6F robotic catheter gets CE mark


Hansen, has announced that the Magellan 6F robotic catheter has received CE marking for use in the peripheral vasculature, allowing the company to market the catheter in Europe and other countries.

The 6Fr Robotic Catheter’s new dual-bend technology enables independent robotic control of two separate bend sites on a single catheter, providing for precise robotic navigation and control. The small 6Fr outer diameter enables use of the Magellan Robotic System in smaller vessels in the peripheral vasculature and broadens use of intravascular robotics technology to physicians who may prefer a smaller diameter vessel insertion site.

“This is a significant milestone in the development of intravascular robotics,” said Mo Hamady, Imperial College London. “Robotic catheters have the potential to provide physicians with enhanced control and navigation, especially in tortuous vessels. With this smaller-diameter robotic catheter, we can now broaden the types of procedures we are able to perform with the Magellan robotic system. The new 6F robotic catheter increases the clinical applications to many interventional vascular therapies involving smaller vessels, including cancer treatment, women’s health, and lower limb treatment.”

Magellan is designed to offer procedural predictability, control, and catheter stability to physicians as they remotely navigate the robotic catheter through the vasculature. Magellan’s remote workstation allows physicians to navigate through the vasculature while seated away from the radiation field, potentially reducing physicians’ radiation exposure and procedural fatigue.

The Magellan 6F robotic catheter received FDA 510(k) clearance earlier this year and is commercially available in the USA.