HI-IQ launches Peer Benchmarking Database for interventional radiologists


HI-IQ announced the launch of Peer Benchmarking reports for the interventional radiology community. 

HI-IQ subscribers can leverage the power of data collected by the HI-IQ user community across the USA through the national HI-IQ Peer Benchmarking Database. “The HI-IQ Peer Benchmarking database provides data insights that will help interventional radiologists grow and evolve their practice,” said Emily DeMerchant, director for HI-IQ. “The aggregated data provides the ability for interventional radiology practices to compare their performance to their peers.”


The Peer Benchmarking Database provides actual operational and clinical data from practices across the USA that can be used to improve services, helping to detect service line growth trends and see new services as they develop.


Peer Benchmarking was launched in March at SIR’s 36th Annual Scientific Meeting in Chicago. Four reports are available to participating HI-IQ subscribers. The reports cover top 10 services by practice, top 10 services overall, fluoroscopy dosage analysis and service volume trends.

Over 85,000 encounters were aggregated to generate these reports. Additional reports are planned for the future.