First patients treated in Germany with Veniti Vici venous stent system


Veniti has announced the first use of the Vici venous stent system in Germany. The system is used to treat venous outflow obstruction in the lower extremities. The procedures were performed by Michael Lichtenberg, head of Interventional Angiology, Klinikum Arnsberg, Arnsberg, Germany.

“We are pleased to be among the first centres in Germany to treat patients using the Veniti Vici venous stent system,” said Lichtenberg. “The first patient treated had a chronic total occlusion of the left common iliac vein. The Veniti Vici venous stent restored outflow. The addition of a dedicated venous stent to my treatment options can help patients alleviate symptoms and increase their quality of life.”

Scott Solano, president and CEO of Veniti commented, “This is an exciting time for the treatment of venous disease, venous stenting is not new but dedicated venous stents are. The Vici venous stent system was designed from concept for the venous anatomy, including crush resistance, vessel coverage, and flexibility.”

The Vici venous stent system is intended for use in veins of the lower extremities and pelvis, including the iliac and common femoral veins, in patients who exhibit symptomatic venous outflow obstruction. This condition is frequently associated with disorders of the lower extremities, such as varicose veins and venous ulcers.