First patient enrolled in Europe‰Ûwide observational study on liver cancer treatment with SIR‰ÛSpheres


The Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) has launched a new observational study that will gather data on patients with primary and secondary liver tumours treated with SIR‰ÛSpheres microspheres at specialist hospitals across Europe.

The CIRSE registry for SIR‰ÛSpheres Therapy (CIRT) has been designed to collect a large amount of data on the real‰Ûlife application of selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT), also known as radioembolization. Furthermore, the study collects extensive quality‰Ûof‰Ûlife data to learn more about the palliative aspect of SIR‰ÛSpheres microspheres. CIRT is a single‰Ûdevice registry that was developed by the society in collaboration with Sirtex Medical, the manufacturer of SIR‰ÛSpheres Y‰Û90 resin microspheres.

Previous research on SIR‰ÛSpheres microspheres has shown positive results in the treatment of liver cancer.

José Ignacio Bilbao, head of Interventional Radiology, Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain and chairman of the CIRT Steering Committee, said: “CIRSE is pleased to have developed the CIRT registry, which we believe will help the doctors who administer SIR‰ÛSpheres therapy to better understand the real‰Ûlife clinical application of SIR‰ÛSpheres microspheres throughout Europe”. He added that “our goal is to enter treatment data on over 500 patients a year from more than 20 specialist European hospitals into the new CIRT registry.”