Cook Medical announces major realignment of its business

Pete Yonkman

Cook Medical has announced key changes that simplify its organisational structure to better support customers.

These changes realign the current sales, marketing, research and development, and customer service teams in addition to establishing new distribution channel management and medical education teams. The changes are a direct result of feedback from customers on how the company could improve operations to make it easier to work with Cook.

Pete Yonkman, president of Cook Group and Cook Medical, told Interventional News: “Our approach to how we are realigning ourselves came from our customers and our employees. In the last year and a half or so, we have been really listening intensely to our customers and our teams in the field and what they came back and told us was that we needed to change how we were doing business and how we were servicing our customers. Healthcare has been changing rapidly over the last few years with hospitals getting bigger and physicians working in much more collaborative environments, so we had to make a change [to reflect this]”.

“Healthcare has evolved rapidly over the last several years and we have reset our teams to focus on what our customers need today,” he said in a press release issued by Cook Medical. “We have seen customers change their structure and decision making to focus on delivering better patient outcomes in a more efficient way, and we have realigned our business to help them meet those goals.”

Key changes in Cook Medical’s structure:

  • Business divisions: Ten strategic business units merged to form two business divisions, MedSurg and Vascular. This change provides the flexibility to align sales teams to specific customer needs. It also creates a more streamlined contracting process for customers.
  • The Vascular division brings together the former aortic intervention, peripheral intervention, interventional radiology and lead management businesses into one team.
  • The MedSurg division comprises six teams that serve customers in critical care, endoscopy, otolaryngology/head and neck surgery, reproductive health, surgery, and urology clinical specialties.
  • Customer Support and Delivery: All global customer support centres and distribution centres are now centralised under one leadership team to improve customer service and develop innovative solutions that create supply chain efficiency.
  • Distribution Channel Management: A new global team has been established to maintain our commitment to fully compliant and ethical access of Cook Medical products and to work with third party distributors improving distributor support and distribution channels to serve patients globally.
  • Research and Development: Engineering reorganised to form a dedicated Research and Development team that actively listens to the needs of customers and develops products that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care.
  • Medical Education: A new global team has been created, pulling expertise from across the company to improve and support Vista, Cook Medical’s comprehensive educational product training programme for customers.

“We are committed to putting the needs of our customers and our employees at the centre of everything we do,” Yonkman continued. “These changes are exciting and will be beneficial for employees, customers, and ultimately patients.”

There will be no layoffs due to these structure changes.


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