Carestream’s new radiography and fluoroscopy systems available for order worldwide


Carestream Health entered the radiography/fluoroscopy market with two systems that deliver high-quality, cost-effective imaging: the Carestream DRX-Excel Carestream DRX-Excel Plus.

These systems can enhance workflow and perform contrast exams using fluoroscopy that can be associated with a radiography image, in addition to specialised contrast procedures that record both fluoroscopy and radiography sequences and interventional procedures, a press release from the company says.

Carestream’s DRX-Excel systems are configured with a table and a tube in one system. An optional integrated flat panel detector produces high-resolution images for general radiography as well as fluoroscopic sequences. The DRX-Excel platform also is available as a conventional radiography/fluoroscopy system that uses either CR cassettes or DRX-1 detectors with an image intensifier.

“We are expanding our radiography leadership to include fluoroscopy, which is performed by many of the hospitals and imaging centres we serve,” said Diana L Nole, president, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream. “This is a natural extension for both our company and our customers, and enables healthcare providers to benefit from purchasing these systems from a single supplier with a strong reputation for outstanding service and support.”

Both DRX-Excel systems offer a source-to-image detector distance of 180cm, an ergonomic design and the ability to select an image intensifier for fluoroscopy or use the optional flat panel detector. The DRX-Excel Plus has an elevating table that tilts for fluoroscopy exams and can be lowered or raised to provide flexible, comfortable imaging for patients. Table weight capacity is 265Kg. The DRX-Excel has a fixed table with a weight limit of up to 200Kg and has the tilt capability for fluoroscopy exams.

Both systems feature productivity-enhancing capabilities including a positioning pedal that allows the operator to have their hands free—which is helpful for interventional exams—and a remote control that can move the table from anywhere in the room. Other options include integration of a detector; four-way float top table movement; and the ability to stitch multiple images together for long-length exams.

In the USA, only the DRX-Excel Plus model will be available. Both systems will be available in Europe, Asia, Latin America and other countries.