Cancer specialists to head to Berlin to attend ECIO


The world’s leading radiologists, oncologists and surgeons will head to Germany in April for the European Conference on International Oncology (ECIO, 23-26 April, Berlin, Germany). 

As one of the most important international forums for medical professionals and experts in interventional oncology, ECIO 2014 will highlight innovative ways to diagnose and treat cancer.

In 2012, approximately 8.2 million people died of different forms of cancer and there is a widely-recognised need to find new, innovative methods to diagnose and treat the disease. Interventional oncology has made significant headway in treating kidney, lung and liver carcinoma in recent years with the advantages that the procedures target only the affected tissue, minimising the effects on the rest of the body.

“Germany is one of the leaders in Europe’s health industry; it offers an excellent research infrastructure and some of the best medical facilities. We are excited to invite the world’s leading physicians in the field of minimally invasive cancer therapy to Berlin for the first time and to showcase some of the most innovative image-guided methods for the treatment of tumours,” explains professor Philippe L Pereira, clinic director, Cancer Center SLK-Kliniken, Heilbronn, Germany. Participants from more than 60 countries are expected to attend ECIO 2014, which is being organised by the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE), with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.