BTG to acquire Galil Medical


BTG_logo_thumb_ThumbBTG has entered into an agreement to acquire Galil Medical, a provider of cryoablation products for the treatment and palliative care of kidney and other cancers.

Galil Medical is a private company employing approximately 100 people globally and is headquartered in Arden Hills, USA. Galil Medical owns, manufactures and sells a portfolio of cryoablation systems and needles. The systems use compressed argon gas to produce extremely low temperatures; as the gas passes through the needle, the tip of the needle is cooled, forming an ice ball. The ice ball is intended to engulf the tumour and destroy the tissue. A variety of needle types have been designed to produce a freeze zone that matches the tumour size and shape, so that adjacent tissue is not damaged.

In the US, Galil Medical’s products are indicated for the treatment and palliative care of kidney and other cancers, in addition to a number of other uses, including in urology. Galil Medical is also conducting two clinical studies, both nearing completion, that could lead to US regulatory clearance for use in lung metastases and bone metastases, according to a company release.

Louise Makin, BTG’s CEO comments, “This bolt-on…offers significant pipeline opportunities, including lung and bone metastases if regulatory approvals are granted…Galil Medical provides access to other specialist physicians that may in future include pulmonary specialists…longer term, we are excited by the opportunity to explore the use of our locoregional radiation and cryoablation therapies alongside other developing technologies.”