Aquilant Interventional distributes Angel catheter in the UK and Ireland


Following the exclusive distribution agreement that Aquilant Interventional signed with BiO2 Medical (the Texas-based manufacturer of the Angel Catheter) earlier in 2013, the former company has begun acting as distributor of the Angel catheter for the UK and Ireland.

A press release from Aquilant states that the Angel catheter is an innovative approach to pulmonary embolism protection in critically ill patients. The unique design of the Angel incorporates the pulmonary embolism protection of a retrievable, nitinol inferior vena cava filter, with a triple lumen, central venous access catheter.

The Angel catheter is indicated for use up to 30 days post procedure, and it is intended to be used during the critical time period, in which anticoagulation therapy poses a high risk of complications, including major bleeding and death, and in which patients are at the highest risk of developing a life threatening pulmonary embolism. The Angel catheter was invented by Luis F Angel.

Aquilant Interventional has recently become a new name in specialist healthcare services. On 1 October 2013, United Drug plc, a leading international provider of healthcare services, was rebranded as UDG Healthcare plc. As part of this corporate rebranding, the company’s specialist healthcare and scientific services formed part of a new area of expertise, Aquilant, to enable the organisation to market its services more effectively to international healthcare companies.