A sneak peek into some highly anticipated sessions at GEST 2012 US


GEST 2012 US is around the corner and Marc Sapoval, Jafar Golzarian and Ziv Haskal, course directors of the meeting, gave Interventional Newsa heads up about some of the key highlights scheduled for demonstration and discussion in New York, USA, from 3–6 May 2012.

The Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies—GEST 2012 US—features an in-depth, evidence-based review of the full range of possibilities with embolization. The meeting covers all aspects of embolization through lectures, panel discussions, debates, live demonstrations and hands-on sessions. 

“The focus sessions on prostatic artery embolization (for benign prostatic hyperplasia), radioembolization and varicocele embolization are anticipated to be of great educational value and interest to attendees. This falls in line with the meeting’s approach to analyse the latest findings, newest techniques and the most important issues,” said Golzarian and Sapoval. They also told
Interventional News that Master Classes were returning to GEST 2012 US. The master class options are an opportunity to discuss the variety of materials used in embolization, including gelfoam, glass or resin particles, plugs and coils. Experts will offer tips, techniques and insights regarding how to choose the right embolic material for each treatment situation.

Golzarian and Sapoval also noted that attendees would learn about new developments in embolization materials such as the pros and cons of resorbable embolics, the choice of embolic materials for benign prostatic embolization (There is currently no consensus on the choice of material for prostatic artery embolization among the pioneering groups in Portugal and Brazil. The former group use polyvinyl alcohol and the latter group have stated a preference for Embosphere, which is currently an off-label use). Delegates will also learn the latest evidence and updates on new detachable coils and new approaches on training, including virtual reality.

The key areas in which embolization knowledge will be extended at GEST 2012 US will be in the prostate, varicocele and liver cancer (both primary and secondary), noted Golzarian and Sapoval.