Vascular Solutions launches Gel-Bead bioresorbable embolization spheres


Vascular Solutions has announced the US market launch of its Gel-Bead embolization spheres for the treatment of hypervascular tumours.

Gel-Bead embolization spheres are precisely sized, bioresorbable beads of gelatin that are absorbed by the body over time, providing physicians with a treatment option for hypervascular tumours in cases when a permanent embolic agent is not desired. Gel-Bead, which received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration in April, will be sold to interventional radiologists who currently embolize hypervascular tumours with microspheres, polyvinyl particles, and gelatin foam slurries.

“We are very pleased to announce the launch of Gel-Bead, our latest offering to leverage our biologics expertise in the field of embolization,” said Howard Root, CEO of Vascular Solutions. “Our first vascular embolization product, Gel-Block, consists of a pledget of gelatin foam that is radially compressed for superior delivery and was launched in July 2012. Now, with the launch of Gel-Bead, we offer the additional configuration of uniform spheres designed for smooth embolic delivery and predictable distribution, all at a very economical price. Over time, we plan to continue to add to our embolization products with future versions designed to meet specific therapeutic needs.”

Gel-Bead is supplied in 20ml syringes, each containing 1ml of gelatin spheres suspended in 5ml of saline. Gel-Bead is available in four sizes of sphere diameter (100–300 microns, 3000–500 microns, 5000–700 microns, and 7000–1,000 microns), each identified by a different coloured syringe plunger.