US Patent Office Grants Notice of Allowance to IceCure for its cryogenic pump


IceCure Medical has shared in a press release that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office for its patent application titled ‘Cryogen Pump’. The patent will be in effect until February 2040 and was recently granted in the European Union and allowed in Japan.

“ProSense is gaining increasing commercial traction in the USA in the indications for which it already has regulatory approval and reimbursement, as well as increased visibility in breast cancer following our October 2022 regulatory filing with the [US Food and Drug Administration] FDA. This Notice of Allowance in the USA is very well timed to protect our intellectual property as we develop the next generation of cryoablation systems to perform minimally invasive procedures for new indications,” stated Eyal Shamir, IceCure’s chief executive officer.

The cryogenic pump enables IceCure to bring to market a new generation of cryoablation systems with a small footprint for a wide range of clinical applications. Moreover, this pump expands IceCure’s portfolio of products with a broader range of thinner cryoprobes and catheters.

IceCure’s cryogenic pump is submersible in liquid nitrogen, works in a closed circuit, enables temperature control of the cryoprobe, improves the cooling rate during a procedure, and is designed to be used for multiple procedures or longer-duration procedures without the need to refill liquid nitrogen.


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