Toshiba Medical is now Canon Medical

Toshiba Medical has now become Canon Medical

Canon and Canon Medical Systems Corporation have announced the official name change of Toshiba Medical, which was acquired in 2016, to Canon Medical Systems Corporation.

Since joining the Canon Group in December 2016, Canon Medical Systems has been undertaking the procedures for obtaining regulatory approval for integration with the Canon Group and change of the company name under the relevant national or regional laws concerning pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Canon announced that such procedures have been completed, and that the change of the company name enters into effect on 4 January 2018.

A press release from the company notes that since its establishment in 1930, Canon Medical Systems has introduced a number of “first-in-Japan” and “first-in-the-world” medical systems in cooperation with its customers worldwide.

Canon first entered the medical equipment business in 1940 with the development of the first domestically produced indirect X-ray camera, and utilising its advanced imaging technologies, currently produces equipment such as digital X-ray imaging systems and optical coherence tomography ophthalmic devices, the release adds.



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