Terumo launches QuiremSpheres microspheres in Europe


Terumo has announced that it has launched QuiremSpheres microspheres in Europe on 18 September.

QuiremSpheres, the next generation of selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) microspheres are indicated for the treatment of advanced unresectable liver tumours and are the only commercially available microspheres that contain the radioactive isotope holmium-166. They are available in Europe with plans for expansion in areas outside of Europe in the future.

Recent trials have shown the safety and efficacy of holmium microspheres for the treatment of advanced liver cancer.

According to Terumo, unlike the widely adopted Yttrium-90 microspheres, QuiremSpheres can be visualised in low concentrations by means of SPECT and MRI. This allows clinicians to quantitatively assess the distribution of microspheres in the liver, enabling accurate evaluation of treatment directly after SIRT procedure. The half-life of QuiremSpheres is 26.8 hours, which means that more than 90% of the radiation is delivered within the first four days following the implantation procedure.

For further information, please contact Alexandra Vassiliades, group manager, Marketing Communications Terumo Interventional Systems, EMEA on [email protected]



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