Terumo Interventional launches NaviCross Peripheral Support Catheters


Terumo Interventional has launched NaviCross Support Catheters for treatment of peripheral artery disease and critical limb ischaemia.

Featuring Terumo Glide Technology hydrophilic coating and a seamless guidewire-to-catheter transition, the NaviCross has been designed for accessing and tracking through even the most complex lesions. The shaft incorporates a stainless steel double-braided layer, combined with a 12mm tapered tip, giving it best-in-class pushability. The catheter is compatible with .035” wire platforms and 4Fr sheaths and is available with a straight or 30 degree angled tip allowing access to vascular branches including below the knee collaterals. It features three radiopaque marker bands to facilitate accurate assessment of position, while their unique spacing provides easy measurement of common balloon and stent sizes.

“The design of the NaviCross allows for true 1:1 torque with complete force transmission from my hand to the tip of the catheter without lag time or delay,” said Jihad Mustapha, director of Endovascular Interventions and director of Cardiovascular Research at Metro Heart & Vascular, Metro Health Hospital, Wyoming, USA. “It excels in long length lesions and is ideal for any chronic or highgrade stenoses that are located in or at an angulated vessel segment. One of the most superior support catheters for pushability, crossability, trackabilty, torquability, and (tip) visualisation, there is also no buckling, which (may) lower the risk of dissection and perforations.”