CIRSE 2019: Teaching materials to follow curriculum in IO education


CIRSE 2019 Gold Medal awardee, Thierry de Baère (Villejuif, France), tells Interventional News at the society’s annual meeting (7-11 September, Barcelona, Spain) that this award is a reflection of CIRSE’s interest and engagement with interventional oncology (IO).

On the IO education front, the natural next step after the creation of the curriculum, which acts as a foundation for interventional radiologists, will be to have teaching materials as well, he states.

He also addresses the current thinking on drug delivery to tumour, which “does not always need [to be achieved alongside] embolization”, he says, emphasising that interventional radiologists are well placed to deliver drugs directly to the tumour with the view to eliciting an immuno-oncologic response. Such intratumoural delivery enables high local dosage to destroy the tumour, without the toxicity of systemic delivery.


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