American Board of Radiology announces November dates for Core Exam


RadiologyThe American Board of Radiology (ABR) has announced that its Core Exam for diagnostic radiology (DR) and interventional radiology (IR/DR) will be held in November.

The ABR originally had the Core Exam scheduled for May and June, but it was forced to postpone the tests due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The new dates for the DR and IR/DR exams will be 5–6 November and 9–10 November, respectively, in Chicago and Tucson, USA. Eligible candidates for the exam will receive invitations no later than 24 August.

At the same time, the ABR said it is making progress toward scheduling the Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology oral exams in Tucson, USA. The organisation has identified new dates and is waiting for confirmation from the hotel where the exams will take place.

The American Board of Radiology also said the Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology initial qualifying exams are scheduled to take place as planned in July and August.

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