Profound Medical announces new CPT category 1 codes for prostate TULSA

TULSA-PRO system

Profound Medical has announced in a press release that, with sponsorship and support from multiple physician specialty societies, the American Medical Association (AMA) has established three new Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) category 1 codes for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-monitored transurethral ultrasound ablation (TULSA) of prostate tissue, performed using Profound’s TULSA-PRO system.

The first CPT Code describes the complete TULSA procedure when furnished by a single physician, such as a urologist. The other two CPT codes each describe a part of the TULSA procedure when TULSA is furnished by two physicians, such as a urologist in collaboration with a radiologist.

“We are honoured that the TULSA application was approved by the AMA’s CPT editorial panel for Category 1 code status,” said Profound’s CEO and chairman, Arun Menawat. “The establishment of these permanent codes specific to TULSA is a critical milestone for the broader adoption of the technology to treat prostate diseases in the USA. The application was independently sponsored and submitted without the direct involvement of Profound, which is a testament to the level of physician support for this new procedure. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the societies for their support, as well as the independent TULSA-PRO users who provided their invaluable feedback. Looking forward, as we continue to work toward realising TULSA’s full potential for a broad spectrum of patients with prostate disease, we believe having multiple distinct CPT Category 1 codes for TULSA will give our physician users the flexibility to either do the entire procedure on their own, or collaborate and be reimbursed for their part of the service.”

The three new CPT Category 1 codes and their descriptors covering the TULSA procedure will be included in a future edition of the CPT Codebook and will be effective on January 1, 2025.


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