CVIR Endovascular launches new podcast in the interventional space

Jim Reekers

The journal CVIR Endovascular launched its own podcast in December 2020, to discuss endovascular and interventional interventions, and to promote the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE)’s open access journal. The podcast, hosted by editor-in-chief Jim Reekers (Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), takes place every other month, and highlights articles published in CVIR Endovascular, as well as features interviews with contributing authors.

Interventional News discusses the new podcast with Reekers, and how he believes it will transform communication and education within interventional radiology through a broadening of the discursive channels available.

Why is it timely to launch a podcast now, and what are your hopes for this platform?

CVIR Endovascular is a platform for interventional radiology (IR) publications, but also for ideas and discussions. Since the postponement of many meetings due to the pandemic, we need a new way to communicate and to exchange our IR narratives, as narratives have always been an important part of this unique and innovative medical specialty. Podcasts are a great way to get our message out, especially to millennials, as you can listen a podcast when you want, and wherever you want.

How will the podcast and the journal complement each other?

They will be complementary in the sense that the podcast will enrich the journal and the publications with additional background information. It will create a community of young interventional radiologists around the journal.

What is it about the medium of a podcast that appeals/ what benefits are there to this format beyond the journal?

Narratives through podcasts are a relaxed way to communicate a message; it does not have the in-your-face nature of social media, you can consume it at your own pace. You can listen whenever you want, commuting, doing the dishes, cooking, just when you want. A podcast is like a friend and not like an aggressive salesperson, it does not speak in headlines. It is thoughtful and contemplative, something we all need in this complex world.

What sort of content can your audience expect from the podcast, and what in the next few months are you specifically excited to discuss with guests?

The podcast will highlight articles published in the journal, as well as hot topics, via interviews with many of our authors and a number of leaders in the field of endovascular interventions. CVIR Endovascular is a journal that promotes directions and ideas through editorials and is therefore a forerunner. The podcast will do exactly the same—it will make you think and sharpen your mind.

What developments in endovascular and vascular interventions are underreported/ explored, and how is CVIR Endovascular giving a platform to these topics?

Endovascular interventions are driven by the hype of the day, for example with all the drug-eluting technologies and the amazing technical skills, but the real core of IR is being a good and thoughtful doctor for your patients. A podcast does away with the dominant visual factor of current IR communications; as such, having a concurrent CVIR Endovascular podcast episode alongside an article will enrich the paper.

What can listeners expect in the future?

Our newest podcast episode is about our special issue of paediatric interventional radiology. I think it is important to become a friend of the CVIR Endovascular Podcast, to reset your mindset, and to step out of the IR roller coaster when you listen.

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