Penumbra to distribute InspireMD’s CGuard embolic prevention system

CGuard EPS
CGuard EPS

InspireMD has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Penumbra to distribute its carotid CGuard EPS through their direct commercialisation team.

InspireMD has aggressively been pursuing a strategy in treating carotid artery disease and other neurovascular applications for its proprietary MicroNet technology.  Clinical trials of the CGuard system, including the recent CARENET and PARADIGM studies, have continued to support the benefits of the MicroNet enhanced CGuard system resulting in increased commercial adoption throughout the European market.

Penumbra has a direct and distributor sales organisation in all markets where the CGuard system is commercially available. Penumbra’s neurovascular product portfolio includes medical devices for ischemic stroke and brain aneurysms, as well as peripheral vascular products that include products for embolization and thrombectomy.  Penumbra has approximately 1,000 global employees with direct sales operations in North America, Europe, and Australia.  Penumbra sells through distributors in Asia and select other international markets.

CGuard EPS is CE mark approved. CGuard EPS, however, is not approved for sales in the US by the US FDA at this time.