New publisher for SVS publications

Stephen Greenhalgh and Kenneth Slaw

A publishing agreement between the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) and BIBA Medical Ltd has been signed today by the respective directors at the Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM; 12–15 June, National Harbor, MD, USA). This collaboration makes BIBA Medical the new publisher of SVS’ publications—Vascular Specialist and Vascular Connections—from 2020.

Vascular Specialist—an official publication of the SVS—is issued 12 times a year, published on a monthly basis. The magazine is a source of US-relevant news, conference coverage, research review and opinions from thought leaders in the vascular field. Available in print and online, with fortnightly electronic newsletters, its current readership includes vascular surgeons, vascular neurologists, vascular medicine specialists and endovascular surgical neuroradiologists.

Today’s signing of the contract means SVS will continue to own Vascular Specialist and the brand but, from January 2020, subscribers will see BIBA Medical as the new publisher, who will produce, publish and distribute it in the various formats.

In the same spirit, the agreement maintains SVS’ ownership of Vascular Connections—another of its publications—and with BIBA Medical partnering with the paper’s production, printing and circulation from 2020. Providing coverage and highlights of VAM, Vascular Connections is SVS’ annual meeting newspaper and is published concurrently with and distributed at the SVS-hosted VAM.

Kenneth Slaw, executive director of SVS, told Interventional News: “I think this is going to be a tremendous advance for both organisations. Vascular Specialist is very important to us at SVS. This is our way of conveying important news.” He added, “What I’m really excited about is the enhanced and expanded ability that we are going to have to get our message globally, digitally and in a robust manner.”

SVS’ president, Michel Makaroun, agreed: “This is a great opportunity for both of us [SVS and BIBA Medical]. We are all excited about it.”

The alliance extends BIBA Medical’s publishing portfolio of the company’s own eight newspapers, adding to Interventional News and six sister publications—Vascular News, Venous News, NeuroNews International, Spinal News International, Cardiac Rhythm News and Cardiovascular News—along with the recently launched iWounds News.

Stephen Greenhalgh, BIBA Medical’s business development director, enthused: “BIBA Medical is thrilled to have the opportunity to publish the Society for Vascular Surgery’s official newspaper, Vascular Specialist, for the next five years from January 2020. This is the first newspaper in BIBA’s publishing portfolio that exclusively targets the North American vascular community.”

“We are very excited to use the resources of BIBA and make it the best experience,” said Malachi Sheahan, medical editor of Vascular Specialist. “Just really very excited.”


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