NeoDynamics granted Chinese patent for FlexiPulse needle design


neodynamicsNeoDynamics, a medical device company dedicated to advancing the diagnosis and care of cancer, recently announced that the company has been granted a Chinese patent for the needle design employed in the NeoNavia FlexiPulse probe.

The front-loaded, open-tip sampling needle is designed to enable maximum tissue yield, with minimal patient trauma. The patent is an important milestone that opens up for a future commercial launch in China and strengthens the protection of the NeoNavia biopsy system. NeoNavia with FlexiPulse addresses biopsies in the axillary lymph nodes, which can be a technically and anatomically challenging site due to the proximity to blood vessels and nerves.

The Chinese patent comes on top of a similar patent granted in the USA in August 2021, followed by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance received in September 2022.

“The novel needle design has shown great results in PULSE, our German multicentre study evaluating the safety and performance of the device in the axillary lymph nodes of breast cancer patients,” says Kai-Uwe Schässburger, director of clinical development and medical affairs, NeoDynamics.


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