Mentice donates IR simulators to Rad-Aid


Endovascular therapy training provider Mentice has signed an agreement to donate its virtual reality-based simulators to humanitarian organisation Rad-Aid for use in interventional radiology (IR) procedure training in various resource-constrained regions of the world.

Under the agreement, the Gothenburg, Sweden-based Mentice pledges to contribute simulator software, hardware and expertise to RAD-AID IR educational teams.

Commenting on the agreement, Mentice CEO Göran Malmberg says “RAD-AID is doing an amazing job bringing the benefits of IR to disadvantaged communities around the world. It is a great honour and a privilege to be working with RAD-AID helping improve patient care access and outcomes in these underserved communities.”

Launched in 2008, RAD-AID is a 501c3 non-profit organisation committed to bringing radiology and imaging technologies and solutions to developing countries and medically underserved communities. “It is easy to forget,” adds Malmberg, “that for many people, even relatively cost-effective X-ray imaging remains a luxury. We at Mentice can make a real contribution by helping improve access and IR performance.”

RAD-AID is active in over 30 countries worldwide, and encompasses over 10,000 volunteers from 100 countries, 73 university-based chapter organisations, and an annual conference on global health radiology. “RAD-AID programmes are multidisciplinary and bring together innovative technology, infrastructure-planning, and educational initiatives. Such multidisciplinary cooperation is essential, and by working with Mentice, we can help bring effective IR programs to some of the world’s neediest patients,” says Daniel Mollura, founder and CEO of RAD-AID International.


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