Medtronic expands IO focus with US launch of OptiSphere embolization spheres


Medtronic announced the US launch of OptiSphere embolization spheres, a resorbable embolic platform designed for embolization of hypervascular tumours.

OptiSphere offers patients an alternative treatment option, a resorbable embolic, with comparable results to a permanent embolic, a press release from Medtronic states.

Hypervascular tumours can present as malignant or benign and can be found in various anatomical structures. Physicians may choose to treat these tumours with various therapies including, but not limited to, embolization, microwave ablation, radiofrequency ablation, or cryoablation.

“Medtronic continues to seek opportunities to expand the therapies we offer to patients and the physicians who treat them. With increased and better quality of care, the cancer patient population is living longer with the disease and it is important that we continue to introduce therapies that help positively impact and improve their quality of life,” said Jeff Cambra, general manager of the Pain Therapies Interventional business, which is part of the Restorative Therapies Group at Medtronic. “We consider this launch to be a win for both sides of the healthcare pathway, as OptiSphere addresses patient concerns of having permanent implanted spheres left behind while enabling physicians to offer an innovative treatment option in their facilities.”

OptiSphere is manufactured for Medtronic by Vascular Solutions, a subsidiary of Teleflex. Medtronic continues to partner with the company to further innovate the technology. OptiSphere received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance in April 2014.

“Teleflex is very pleased to have Medtronic as a strategic distribution partner for our novel platform of embolic spheres,” said Jake Isenburg, director of Scientific Affairs for Teleflex. “The development of unique resorbable implants, particularly in the field of embolization, has become one of our core technical competencies at Vascular Solutions and Teleflex. By combining this technical expertise with Medtronic’s focus in interventional oncology, Teleflex is excited to collaborate on providing an alternative solution to healthcare professionals who are seeking a resorbable embolization product.”

OptiSphere short-term spheres have shown long-term results and offer an alternative solution for treating hypervascular tumours. The resorbable microspheres begin to degrade starting at four weeks post-procedure with significant degradation noted at nine weeks.

The spherical shape of OptiSphere provides smooth embolic delivery and even, predictable distribution. The product line offers procedural flexibility with two volume options and five size ranges which may be combined in a single procedure as needed to achieve the desired occlusion.


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