Interventional Systems launches Micromate subscription

The Micromate robot for percutaneous interventions

Interventional Systems has launched a new subscription service for Micromate with three package levels offering the miniature robotic system including the latest planning and navigation station, as well as disposable accessories and specialised services. The subscription fee is fixed and there are no mandatory service agreements, making the costs as predictable and low as needed.

“The cost of technology is responsible for half of the increase in healthcarerelated costs
worldwide. This can help explain why only up to 3% of surgeries and interventions are
performed with robotic assistance, despite its obvious advantages”, says Pedro Costa, chief product officer at Interventional Systems. “The word democratisation is ubiquitous in brochures, publications, slide decks, and websites. Every new player in MedTech democratises something, just to proceed by charging you a million euros for a robot, disposables that cost you thousands, and mandatory service agreements of at least 8% capital cost. Our understanding is different. We want to ensure true access to every physician and, ultimately, patient.”

Healthcare providers are looking for more flexible solutions”, adds Scott Peairs, vice president of global sales at Interventional Systems. “With a subscriptionbased service, they can have the robotic system for as long and as many procedures as they need. And because they are spending each month only a fraction of the capital cost of the robot, they can also leverage the increase in efficiency to generate profits faster and get a better return on investment.”

The Micromate subscription is available in the USA and Europe as of September 1 2022, with plans to expand globally.


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