Interventional Systems announces strategic collaboration agreement with the Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering to improve accuracy of robotic-assisted percutaneous procedures


interventional systemsInterventional Systems recently announced a new collaboration with Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA) in a company press release. The research team at Johns Hopkins, led by Axel Krieger and Lidia Al-Zogbi, will not only investigate ways to improve the Micromate system but leverage the platform nature of the robot and identify new anatomical locations or applications, whose accuracy or safety issues could be addressed by using a robot.

Johns Hopkins University has always been at the forefront of numerous innovations in robotic-assisted surgery, more recently with the development of a robotic platform capable of performing laparoscopic surgery on the soft tissue of a pig without the guiding hand of a human, on a significant step toward procedure automation.

Through this agreement, Interventional Systems strengthens its strategy of close cooperation with leading academic institutions.

“These partnerships are extremely important for us”, shares Interventional Systems chief product officer Pedro Costa. “They allow the crosspollination of ideas and technologies between the industry and the academy, allowing us to design better, safer, and more innovative products, and brings research and students closer to what is actually happening on the market. This benefits the patient and, ultimately, the entire healthcare system. We are excited to get started and are sure that Interventional Systems will learn immensely throughout this process. We hope we can teach as much”.


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