Interventional radiologists earn higher salaries than diagnostic radiologists


Interventional radiologists earned higher salaries in the USA in 2018 than their colleagues in diagnostic radiology, according to the latest data from’s SalaryScan survey on medical imaging compensation.

With an average annual salary of US$411,345, interventional radiologists had higher annual compensation than diagnostic radiologists, regardless of the latter’s modality subspecialisation, according to the SalaryScan data. The top salary for diagnostic radiologists was for those who subspecialise in computed tomography (CT), with an average annual salary of US$396,907, followed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) subspecialists at US$395,328.

The lowest-paid radiology subspecialty was mammography, with an average annual salary of US$375,514.

The survey also broke down salaries by region in the USA. Radiologists living in the US West North Central region had the highest average annual salary, at US$445,945, compared with an average annual salary of US$394,034 for North American radiologists of all experience levels, organisation types, and modality specialisations.

The second-highest earners were radiologists living in the US West South Central region, with an average annual salary of US$424,061. The lowest salaries were pulled in from radiologists working in the US New England region, with an average annual salary of US$363,264.

For radiologic technologists, the salary hierarchy by subspecialty was slightly different. Interventional radiology technologists earned an average base salary of US$79,368 per year, compared to an average base salary of US$72,351 a year for technologists with no subspecialisation. Nuclear medicine technologists were the best compensated, with an average annual salary of US$80,779, and mammography technologists earned the lowest average annual salary, at US$69,382.

According to, SalaryScan is based on data acquired from the website’s members in the USA from January to February 2019. They do not say how many people took part in this survey.


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