Instylla announces positive results from preclinical studies of Embrace hydrogel embolic system in haemorrhage models


instyllaInstylla, a company developing liquid embolics for peripheral vascular embolotherapy, recently announced two publications that evaluated the Embrace hydrogel embolic system (HES) in preclinical porcine haemorrhage models.

In a Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (JVIR) publication, Gandras et al evaluated the ability of Embrace HES to achieve haemostasis in a porcine mesenteric artery haemorrhage model that replicates injury in humans. Results demonstrated that Embrace HES achieved complete, rapid, and durable embolization in 100% of the injured arteries with a mean delivery time of 5.3 minutes. There was no angiographic evidence of non-target embolization.

“Embrace was effective in achieving haemostasis in an animal haemorrhage model without evidence of non-target embolization. This next generation liquid embolic has tremendous potential to play an important therapeutic role in a wide variety of clinical applications including haemorrhage and interventional oncology,” commented Eric Gandras, associate chief of vascular and interventional radiology at North Shore University Hospital, (Manhasset, USA) and lead author of the study.

In an independent study conducted by Kauvar et al, splenic injury and resulting haemorrhage were induced in swine models. A comparison was made between a control group having no embolic treatment to treatment groups that received embolization with Embrace HES, gel foam slurry, or coils. Under coagulopathic conditions, Embrace HES showed improved survival time and a significant reduction in bleeding compared to the control group, gel foam slurry, and coil treatments.


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