ICEfx cryoablation system launches globally at CIRSE 2018


BTG has announced the global launch of its ICEfx cryoablation system. This is an evolution of the existing Visual ICE system, and according to Peter Pattison, head of Interventional Oncology at BTG, “offers predictable, reliable performance with seamless therapy delivery and exceptional ease of technical operation.”

ICEfx enables interventional radiologists to perform cryoablation procedures, facilitating precise and effective treatment without the need for surgery or repeated radiation treatments.

“The ICEfx cryoablation system is a new, more compact design that simplifies the procedure through a set of user-friendly on-screen prompts” explains interventional radiologist AJ Gunn (University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA). “It is easy for my technicians to set up, operate, and shut down. Importantly, this updated version is designed to work with the current line of BTG cryoablation probes, meaning that physicians can still create the reliable ablation zones they have come to expect.”

Pattison comments: “We continue to invest in both new product innovations and clinical research. Building on our commitment in interventional oncology (IO), BTG has added the most advanced cryoablation technology to its portfolio of minimally invasive therapies and is currently supporting a number of active clinical research studies in bone, kidney, lung, pain and prostate. We strive to provide health care professionals with easy access to innovative product choices, our BTG IO portfolio allows them to select and tailor each clinical solution to match a specific patient need.”

The ICEfx cryoablation system will be launched at the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) meeting (22–25 September, Lisbon, Portugal).


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