IASIOS reports first accredited centre in the USA


The International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services (IASIOS) has reported experiencing exponential growth exceeding 150% in the past year. IASIOS has been at the forefront of standardising interventional oncology (IO) care worldwide, with a mission to make it safe and effective in facilities across the globe, as a recent press release states. The expansion efforts of IASIOS areia carried out in the hopes of redefining patient care in the field of IO.

IASIOS was established with a vision to drive the evolution and adoption of interventional oncology as a mainstream discipline in the treatment of cancer. Today, IO has emerged as the fourth pillar of cancer care, and IASIOS is precisely where it aspired to be.

Recently IASIOS reached a significant milestone by officially welcoming the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology at Washington University in the USA as an IASIOS-Accredited Centre, marking its successful entry into the market. This achievement represents a pivotal moment for both IASIOS and the global IO community, setting an industry benchmark for others to follow, the press release notes.

Andreas Adam (Kings College London, London, UK), a distinguished interventional oncologist and chairperson of the IASIOS steering board commented: “The primary purpose of IASIOS is to improve the care that interventional radiologists provide to patients with cancer. The global nature of this accreditation system is one of its greatest strengths, as it emphasises certain universal concepts, such as the need for interventional radiologists to look after their own patients. The enrolment of the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology into IASIOS is a major milestone, because the USA is the birthplace of interventional radiology (IR) and the largest provider of IR services. We are delighted to welcome the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, as its enrolment is a perfect demonstration of the universality of the principles on which IASIOS is founded.”

This accomplishment represents a monumental step in IASIOS’s mission to set globally accepted standards for interventional oncology, ultimately making safe and effective minimally invasive IO procedures more accessible to patients worldwide. As IASIOS continues to grow and expand, it remains committed to its mission to advance IO care and enhance the lives of countless cancer patients.

Jack Jennings from the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology also shared his excitement, stating: “IASIOS raises the bar for our institution to bring the most up-to-date IO practices to our patients for the best outcomes. We benefit from this accreditation by being linked to other high-level IO institutions. We are the first institution in the USA to become associated with this esteemed accreditation and hope to lead the way for other IO practices in the USA!” Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology’s pioneering accreditation sets the stage for all centres in the USA to follow suit.

IASIOS’s global expansion is evident, currently reporting accredited centres in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America.


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