Holmium-166 SIRT demonstrates safety and efficacy in the treatment of HCC

University Medical Center Utrecht (Utrecht, Netherlands) recently published the latest results from the HEPAR Primary study, which evaluated the safety and efficacy of Holmium-166 (QuiremSpheres holmium-166 microspheres) Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients (Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer stages B and C) without curative options. 
HEPAR Primary showed an acceptable toxicity profile and demonstrated an objective response rate of 54% (14/26 patients) at three months after mRECIST evaluation of target liver lesions. The news was shared by Terumo Interventional Systems, the company behind the technology.
“We are very excited about the safety and efficacy results of our HCC study, in which we have been using QuiremScout for the work-up and QuiremSpheres for the SIRT treatment. At the start of our study, we did not have the opportunity to use the pre-treatment planning functionalities of the Q-Suite imaging software (launched in September 2020),” said author, Marnix Lam (University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands). “Looking towards the future, I strongly believe that we can achieve even better clinical outcomes by truly individualising the treatment of each patient using the entire Holmium platform. Therefore, we are currently recruiting patients in a new multi-centre iHEPAR study to further demonstrate the importance of individualising SIRT in HCC using the full Holmium platform.
The Holmium platform consists of three integrated products, QuiremScout holmium-166 microspheres, QuiremSpheres holmium-166 microspheres and Q-Suite imaging software, that allow healthcare professionals to select patients with confidence, deliver treatment with precision and plan and verify with accuracy.
“We are delighted with the results of the HEPAR Primary study, which demonstrate the benefits of Holmium SIRT in the treatment of primary liver cancer. This study is an additional demonstration of the value of our Holmium platform and using QuiremScout and QuiremSpheres together. We are confident this will continue supporting the adoption of the Holmium platform,” said Laurent Domas, global vice president of strategy and therapy development, Interventional Oncology Terumo.


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