HIFU shows outcomes in line with surgery for significant nonmetastatic prostate cancer


SonaCare Medical has reported five-year outcomes from a multicentre study of 625 medium to high-risk clinically significant nonmetastatic prostate cancer patients following focal therapy treatment with its Sonablate high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology.

With a median five-year follow-up, the results from the study showed that failure free survival at one, three, and five years was 99%, 92%, and 88% respectively, equivalent to that achieved with surgery. Metastasis-free, cancer-specific, and overall survival at five years was 98%, 100%, and 99% respectively. The study additionally reports that 98% of men maintained pad-free urinary continence after their procedure and 85% maintained erectile function, both material improvements over that seen with surgery and radiation therapy.

The study concluded that failure free survival with HIFU can be equivalent to that of surgery but with a side-effect profile, far more beneficial to the patient’s quality of life post-procedure. A press release from Sonablate references a recent report from the UK on 1,000 patients who underwent a radical prostatectomy found maintenance of pad-free continence at only 65%. “This suggests that focal HIFU therapy can result in a 97% reduction in the number of men who require pads post-procedure when compared to surgery; ancillary data suggests a similar magnitude reduction in erectile dysfunction with focal HIFU compared to surgery,” the release further adds.

“Focal HIFU is a major shift in treating men with early prostate cancer. Our study shows that cancer control in the medium term is very good and importantly, men can expect a low-risk of side effects such as incontinence and erection problems,” states Hashim Ahmed, chair of Urology at Imperial College London and contributing author to this study. “All men who are suitable for focal HIFU should be told about this treatment option so they might consider it as an alternative to radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy.”


  1. Just had it done in Mesa Arizona..
    Whole prostate
    4 hours
    Felt great two hours after.
    Could have run.
    If you guys can come up with something to get around 7 days with a catheter that would be indescribable.
    Cost me 18500 dollars out of pocket.
    My insurance wouldn’t cover it.
    If it works, it’ll be worth it.

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